The video for the legendary song "1944" of Jamala, the 2016 Eurovision winner, has been released on the singer’s official YouTube channel. The video clip lasts just 15 seconds, but this time is enough to understand its concept, color scheme and purpose.

The video was created by the director and choreographer Anatoly Sachivko and operator Nikita Kuzmenko, who previously were involved in creating Jamala’s video “Zaplutalas” ("Confused"). The three days shooting of the new video took place in the Chernivtsi region in the Bukovina Carpathians at the abandoned military base "Pamir" on top of the mountain Tomnatyk, which is located at an altitude of 1565 m above sea level.

It was reported earlier that Dennis Kozlowski, PR-manager of the singer, said in his exclusive comments to QHA that the press conference devoted to the creation of the video will be held next week.

The video shooting started in the beginning of summer in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

PHOTO: social media