An ancient Greek settlement, which was established in the 2nd century AD, has been discovered by a group of Polish and Ukrainian archaeologists in Kherson region. 

Prior to excavations, the archaeologists had conducted geophysical surveys and air photography of the settlement by means of a kite to compile the map of the object and spot the dig sites. As a result, they found the remains of city fortifications. 

The archaeologists also believe that there are some unknown objects that have yet to be explored under a layer of soil. Such a conclusion was made after the geophysical studies.

According to Marcin Matera, head of Polish archaeologists, about 12 Greek settlements have been found lower reach of the Dnieper river. They have never been properly investigated. Thus, geophysical surveys are expected to be carried out with regard to every such object.

Scientists believe that the discovered settlement served as a market-place for the residents of Dnieper steppes and inhabitants of the settlement, or as a shield of waterways up the Dnieper river.