The exhibition in Kyiv, presented the shell cases collected by volunteer Alexander Magdalits, one of the project organizers, in 'grey' zone on the frontline and painted by Anna Boiko. The artist depicted the main symbolic and recognizable places of native Mariupol. Volume and colorful paintings on one hundred cartridges of different size impress with contrast between peaceful reality and military artifacts.

"As an artist, I want these shells to be used only as a canvas for paintings and never for military purposes," Anna Boiko says. 

Within the second stage, Mariupol amateurs and professional photographers are presenting their works on everyday life of the frontline town, focusing on peaceful life of Mariupol and avoiding military topics.

"The main goal of the project is to show the 'last outpost of Ukraine' - a city that continues to live and develop, despite the difficult conditions of military environment," Margarita Mukhina, project coordinator, explains.

Three of the best authors have been awarded with diplomas of the Mariupol City Council, and their works will be exhibited in Lviv and other cities. The final stage of the exhibition is to be a charity auction of the best art photos in Kyiv. All funds raised will be spent on equipment for field kitchen in one of the villages in ATO area.