Wednesday, Dec 16 the Crimean Tatar writers met with students and teachers in the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University, reported Riza Fazil, the Chairman of the Union of Crimean Tatar Writers.

The meeting was attended by the oldest writers Fazil Riza, Zakir Kurtnezir, Refat Chaylak from the city of Sudak, Pevat Zeti from Karasubazar, as well as Dilyaver Osman, Server Bakirov, Seyare Medzhitova, Lily Alyadinova, Emine Usein and new members of the Writers’ Union Lentara Khalilova and Yusuf Riza. Apart from students, the University was represented by Bekir Mamutov, the Head of the Department of Crimean Tatar literature and Journalism. The literary evening was held by Associate Professor Fehra Seferova.

- Each of the poets briefed on our literary life, read out own poems, answered questions. The atmosphere was very friendly, students and teachers interestedly listened to the speakers, and voiced a wish to organize such literary meetings more often, said Riza Fazil.

In the course of a meeting the Head of the Union of Crimean Tatar Writers said that the Crimean Tatar literature, along with Azerbaijan, is the oldest one of the Turkic-speaking literatures. He also said they are proud to be the successors of the ancient and rich literature. Riza Fazil read out a poem dedicated to folk hero Alim Aydamak, written on the occasion of the monument to Alim Karasubazar raised by patron Rasim Kerimov on the highway Karasubazar-Stary Krym outside the village of Kopyurlikoy (Cheremisovka).