On September 21-30, an international festival of fraternity will take place in the Turkish city of Antalya, which will be attended by representatives from 77 countries of the world.

The festival will include the Day of Ukraine and Crimea, organized by the Association of Ukrainian Culture and Arts. The event is scheduled for September 22.

Within the framework of the Day of Ukraine and Crimea, a discussion "From the past to the future: Importance of Ukrainian-Crimean friendship" will take place. The discussion will be attended by Crimean Tatar journalist Osman Pashayev, Ukrainian director Oleg Hatkovich, Head of the Association of Ukrainian Culture and Art in Antalya Olesya Merdzhan, Ukrainian scriptwriter (author of the film "Cyborgs") Natalia Vorozhbit, writer Serra Menekai, Doctor of the University of Ardahan (Turkey) Ranetta Gafarova.

"Concert of Ukrainian-Turkish-Crimean friendship" is also planned with the participation of Honored Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Doskoch, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar musical groups.

At the event, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar national handmade costumes will be presented, as well as books by the Crimean Tatar writer Serra Menekai: "Winds blowing from Alushta," "Shefika", "The View of the Bird".

Earlier, on August 24 in Antalya, festive events were held on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine. The event was attended by representatives of local authorities, as well as members of the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar Diaspora.