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The Allard Pierson Museum has decided (for the time being) to not make a decision as to which of the parties the disputed objects should be handed over to,” - reads a museum communique issued Wednesday.

The museum will abide by any ruling by a court or arbitrator, or an agreement between the Russian and Ukrainian governments, the statement says in announcing that the museum is keeping the disputed treasures in Amsterdam until then.

"The disputed objects will be safely stored until more becomes clear," the museum said, adding that no further comment on the matter would be made in light of expected litigation.

Four of the five museums from which the collection was gathered were in Ukraine's Crimean territory at the time the display was assembled and delivered to the Allard Pierson Museum for the Feb. 7 opening of "Crimea: Gold and Secrets of the Black Sea."

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and was annexed by Russia in March 2014, the move, however is not recognized by Kyiv and Western powers.