According to Kiselyov, the musician sent him an SMS message saying that he is sick and probably has pneumonia. “Unfortunately, Enver Izmailov won’t be making his appearance this year That’s a great loss to us,” Kiselyov said.

However, “all those willing to talk to Eskender, a person credited with being the festival’s founding father, will be able to do so”.

“The good news is that Eskender, my Crimean Tatar friend, will be making plov (a traditional dish of rice, meat and vegetables). He’s the one who remembers how it all got started, so you’ll get to talk to him”, Kiselyov said.

A number of foreign jazz performers have cancelled their trips to Crimea for Koktebel Jazz Party due to the sanctions.

The Ukrainian authorities have pledged to ban from entering the country those jazz performers who will be taking part in the festival. The US Embassy in Ukraine has issued a travel warning to US citizens advising them against visiting the event.

In late July, Kiselyov claimed that none of the foreign jazz performers had turned down an invitation to take part in Koktebel Jazz Party. According to what he said back then, foreign performers ‘had no problems accepting the invitations’.

First held in Crimea in 2014, Koktebel Jazz Party featured teams of jazz performers from Russia, Brazil, USA, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands and other countries. Another jazz festival called Koktebel Jazz Festival was previously held in Koktebel for 11 years before being moved to Odessa following Crimea’s annexation.