November 28 at the fifth literary festival Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum in London a Crimean citizen Dlyaver Dvadzhiev was declared the winner of Nemat Kelimbetov Prize for the best work in the category "Video" in the "Open Eurasia 2016" contest, according to the reports by the own sources of QHA.
The work presented at the contest was created by the the Crimean Tatar Qaradeniz Production Studio. It is based on the collection of poetry "My Homeland called Crimea" by the Crimean Tatar poet Lenifer Mambetova dedicated to her childhood memories and the first experience of the Crimea. The winning film shows the incredible beauty of the Crimean nature.
This year, the festival has become the most large-scale in its entire history. The event hosted over 900 guests. More than 60 writers from 16 countries participated in the forum. The total number of applications submitted by the authors from 43 countries  exceeded 1,400.
Apart from the four major awards in the categories of "Literary work", "Literary translation", "Illustration" and "Video", four cash prizes established by prominent figures of culture and art were awarded as well.
Nemat Kelimbetov Prize was awarded in the amount of $ 5000 for the best work in the category "Video".
Reference. Nemat Kelimbetov is a well-known Kazakh scientist, teacher, doctor of philological sciences, writer, member of the Union of Writers of the USSR and Kazakhstan, a man who dedicated his life to the study of the Turkic peoples. Nemat Kelimbetov is a laureate of the Cul-Tegin prize and  the International Franz Kafka Prize in Literature for the year 2010. The award in his name is intended to promote the video creativity of the Eurasian region in the world.
Prize Triumphant Dlyaver Dvadzhiev  graduated from Tauride National University, works as a director on television for ten years. Dlyaver began his career as a videographer in the news service. His hobby is photography and his favorite director is Quentin Tarantino. Now Dlyaver Dvadzhiev is living in the occupied Crimea.
Photo: Internet