The winner of Eurovision-2016 wrote the lyrics, and the music was born as a result of a six-hour jam of the singer and group "DakhaBrakha". The song comes in two versions, Original and Morphom.

Sound-producer of the Original version of the single was Yuri Hustochka, one of the founders of the group "Okean Elzy», Esthetic Education, Millionkopek etc. And Roman Cherenov , electronic project Morphom leader, became a sound producer of the Morphom version.

“We with the members of "DakhaBrakha" have long followed the work of each other and felt a mutual sympathy. A year ago, they offered to jam together, as jazz musicians do, and see what happens. It was a very interesting experience, the process captured us at once. It took us just two rehearsals to shape the composition "Zamanili"[ Lured – Ed.]. "DakhaBrakha" have added into the melody some rare folk elements from the song "Na dobranіch, Galya", which can be attributed to the mystical folklore, since it featured Ukrainian mythology characters,” Jamala said.

In December this year, a song "Promise" by the Eurovision-2016 winner from the album "Podih" will sound in the new film "My Grandmother Fanny Kaplan," directed by Aliona Demyanenko.

Photo: Internet