Preparation for the international song contest "Eurovision-2017" will start in two weeks. The song contest to be held in May next year, on the left bank of Kiev.

The mayor's office says that it is the period needed to assess the extent of the work to be carried out around the International Exhibition Centre at Brovary Avenue, "Today" reports. The authorities promise to remove all illegal stalls, which may come the tourists’ way, repair the roads and put all the squares in order.

“We are calculating how much the repair of interchanges, roads and sidewalks around the IEC will cost. We should draw up the list of streets that need a repair. All this will be put into the state budget for the next year. We need to assess the condition of all utilities as well. All illegal street furniture, located on the approaches to the IEC, will be demolished in the near future,” said the Kiev mayor’s Adviser on improvement Dmitry Belotserkovets.

He went on saying that in the legally installed kiosks will be removed from the IEC area as well, and their owners will be asked to move to other locations.

“We will move them to release this space. To the tourists do not go past the stalls with donner kebabs and socks,” he said.

By the end of the year the authorities plan to repair Mykilska Sloboda embankment and solve the issue of long-term constructions. One of them, near the "Livoberezhna" metro station, may be turned into the big Eurovision screen covered by a special banner.

“All the parks in the area of the IEC await reconstruction, there will be new benches, floral arrangements, and a sufficient number of WCs,” say the municipality representatives.

The Tourist Office management assured that equipping fan zones for the Eurovision-2017 will be considered. Their exact addresses are not yet determined, but most likely it will be Postal and Troitska Square.

And what about the IEC itself?

Although an official agreement between the International Exhibition Centre and the organizers of the event has not been signed yet, the parties have set up a long-term collaboration.

“A preliminary layout plan of the competition placement was worked out (see an infographic below). But it is only preliminary sketches, which were prepared as an application for hosting the contest in Kiev. Some things will be changed plenty of times, and the final arrangements in the complex will be known later. We look forward to recommendations from the organizers of the competition and will fulfill all their demands,” the IEC management says.