Ukrainian researchers have discovered on Mount Athos (Greece - Ed.) a skete (a minor monastery) "Cherny Vyr" founded by Cossacks in 1747, reported the participants of the press conference "Ancient monastery founded by Cossacks in XVIII century discovered on Athos."

According to the researchers, the discovery of the monastery is a real sensation, and the landmark itself is priceless having great spiritual cultural, scientific and historical value.

According to Sergei Shumilo, director of the International Institute of Mount Athos heritage in Ukraine and editor of the anthology "Athos heritage", in the course of expedition a cathedral church of an ancient Cossack cloister has been discovered being in a quite good condition. Inside there are partially preserved wooden iconostasis with icons in the style of «Cossack Baroque» XVIII century. As the researchers say, access to the "Cherny Vyr" is closed now.

- So far, there have been no studies of this Cossack shrine on Mount Athos. It is, in fact, a new page in the history of the Holy Mountain and its relationship with Ukraine. "Cherny Vyr" is an important part of the history and spiritual culture, traditions and heritage of Zaporizhian Cossacks, a priceless monument on Mount Athos left by our ancestors, said Shumilo.

Also a book by Sergei Shumilov "Spiritual Zaporozhye on Mount Athos. A little-known Cossack skete "Cherny Vyr" on the holy mountain"” was launched at the press conference.