Being in a combat unit in the east of Ukraine, the author of paintings was not able to attend the exhibition opening. His colleagues said that the fighter (soldier name “Artist”) took part in Ilovaisk operations as well as in liberation of Marinka, Mariupol and Shirokino. However, he always found time to paint; some of his paintings were created in the ATO zone during the combat operations.

Alexander Kanibor was born in the city of Kryvyi Rig, in a family of teachers. However, he did not particularly study artistic skills. According to Konstantin Sebalo, the head of the NGO "Civil Corps Azov" in Rivne region, Alexander began to paint in childhood. He apparently inherited the genes from his granduncle.

Kanibor’s patriotic activity has played a big role in his life: Alexander took part in various campaigns, and later was an active participant of Maidan. In June 2014, he joined the Azov regiment. According to the stories of his friends, Eneyida by Kotlyarevsky has influenced him greatly from an early age. Therefore, Cossack theme can be found in his paintings. Kanibor also painted a portrait of President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. He is also known as the prototype of the "artist" in the novel by Vasyl Shklyar "Black Sun."

“The desire to write something appeared only at the end of 2015, because before that I was so busy and had no time to paint,” admitted Alexander Kanibor by phone. “The impetus for the painting became my combat sworn brothers, whom I am very grateful. Since childhood, I have been motivated by anti-communist spirit, which became the basis of my philosophy. Ukrainian knighthood is an example for me."

With this presentation, the author wanted to show that talented people - programmers, artists and musicians – join the volunteer battalions, says Konstantin Sebalo.

Experts pointed to the value of represented pictures. Chairman of the Union of Artists of Rivne region, Tatyana Lukashevich, stressed that the paintings complement each other on the subject.

“This is very valuable when a person finds time for art therapy. We see the professional level of his pictures. But the point is that the person wants to paint, and can switch to his world, especially there - at the forefront. I think that in such conditions it is very difficult to take up the brush,” said Tatyana Lukashevich.

In Rivne, the exhibition of Alexander Kanibor will last until the end of September, and then will be moved to the Ostroh Academy. Before that it was presented in Lviv. The author also intends to show his paintings in Kyiv, Dnipro, Mariupol, and possibly in Lithuania.