Ukrainian Crysis Media Center and Vavilon 13 Pro released a teaser trailer for ‘Crimea: The Way It Was’ movie on August 13, 2015.

The teaser trailer for the upcoming movie was presented by Konstantyn Klyatsky, the movie’s director, Sergey Malyarchuk, a camera man of Vavilon 13, Andrey Ryzhenko, Ukrainian Crisis Media Center’s representative, and Valentina Ohlopkova, a public activist. The movie has been the team’s first joint project.

According to the movie’s creators, a 90-minute full-length movie, relating events that took place in Crimea last spring, will be shot. Back then, Russian troops, illegally arriving in the peninsula and carrying no identifying markings, set about blocking Ukrainian military installations from late February to mid March 2014.

The idea behind the movie is to show Ukrainian soldiers going through bitter moments of their lives, upholding the honor of their army and holding out to the very end by remaining loyal to their oath of allegiance to Ukraine. At a time when all of the Ukrainian navy units in Crimea had no way of communicating with Kiev, they had to make their own decisions and maintain the top-down command structure.

The movie will be made up of short stories, each focusing on one of the Ukrainian armed forces units of different branches stationed on the peninsula at the time. In between the stories, they will be showing the chronicle of the events unfolding in Crimea in 2014. Thanks to that the viewer will get to see a full story of Crimea being taken over by Russian troops with his own eyes.

Ukrainian marines and servicemen of the 79th airborne brigade will be featured in the movie. Ukrainian Navy Command HQ and Ukrainian Navy press service are also doing their best to help Vavilon 13 shoot the movie.

Since April, the filming crew has gone on three field trips, each costing UAH 5-6 thousand, but it is getting increasingly difficult to go on shooting without funding. Konstantyn Klyatsky, the movie’s director, is calling on the public to help them finish making the movie by forwarding donations into the following bank account: Privatbank 5211 5374 3300 0788.

The movie is scheduled to be shot and released in Kiev by the end of the year.