According to the lawyer Anastasia Sivitskaya representing the interests of Crimean museums, the parties are not ready to meet in court for trial for the return of the Crimean museum exhibits from Allard Pierson Museum in the Netherlands. This decision was made by Dutch Court after a review of the documents in the case.

- The Court agreed the case is not yet ready for the first hearing. Until Dec 30, the parties have the opportunity to submit written arguments. So far, the process of documents exchange is continuing till the end of this year. After its completion, the court will set a date of the first meeting, the lawyer said.

Dutch court is to resolve the complex three-way dispute between Ukraine, Crimean museums and the Allard Pierson Museum. The subject of the dispute - the exhibits taken from Ukraine for a temporary exhibition in February 2014.

- Formally, we have two plaintiffs - Ukraine and the Crimean museums, and one defendant - Netherlands Allard Pierson Museum. The defendant understands it will have to appear in court since it sees no other way to solve the problem, says the lawyer. In winter 2014, a unique collection of weapons, objects and jewelry of Scythian gold was taken to Amsterdam for an exhibition "Crimea: gold and secrets of the Black Sea". All 550 exhibits were to return to Crimea before summer 2014. However, due to the Russian occupation of Crimea, the Netherlands have suspended the transmission of values until all legal disputes solved.