The Turkish magazine Türk Dünyası Tarih Kültür Dergisi ("The Historical and Cultural Journal of the Turkic World") in its monthly February issue placed the image of the Khan Palace in Bakhchysarai on the cover page.

The cover text reads "Is it the turn of the Khan's Palace? The cultural genocide continues in the Crimea, the heritage of the Crimean Tatars – the Great Khan Mosque, the Khan's Cemetery, the Fountain of Tears – is under the threat of extinction."

The Khan Palace in Bakhchysarai is the former residence of the Crimean khans, a monument of history and culture of universal significance, the only example of the Crimean Tatar palace architecture in the world. The palace is part of the Bakhchysarai Historical and Cultural Reserve.

Prior to the annexation of the Crimea, the former residence of the Crimean khans was a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Earlier, the well-known Turkish singer Ahmet Şafak spoke against the destruction of the Khan's palace in Bakhchysarai by Russian invaders. The singer called provocations against the residence of the rulers of the Crimean Khanate as a historical genocide against the Crimean Tatar people.

One can sign the petition for the protection of the Khan Palace in Bakhchysarai, by clicking the link.