Orchards have been almost completely destroyed by frost in many areas of Crimea, RIA Novosti (Crimea) reports citing Andrei Grigorenko, Minister of Agriculture of the occupied peninsula.

“We have conducted studies and according to estimates, there is very large destruction of stone fruits: peaches and apricots, which crops will fail this year,” Grigorenko declared.

The Minister went on to say that the destruction of stone fruits in some areas of the peninsula stands at up to 80-90%.

“The average figures for the Republic are 50-57%,” he concluded.

So, gardeners do not hope for a crop of apricots and peaches.

“It's just a disaster: the trees of peach and apricot were destroyed by100% - nothing has left. Plum and alycha trees were also destroyed by 80%, they did not even have time to bloom, and just inflorescences appeared, says a farmer from Bakhchisarai Andrey Bogomolov.

It worth noting that in late March, after a sharp warming on the peninsula, the temperature dropped to five degrees below zero, and snow fell.

Photo: Internet