This season, the annexed Crimea lost at least 500,000 tons of grain because of drought, the occupation authorities of the peninsula informed.

According to the provided data, 95% of sown areas have already been harvested in the Crimea. 840 thousand tons of grain were harvested, the forecast of grain yield is about 880 thousand tons.

Reportedly, in 2017 the gross harvest of the early grain in the Crimea amounted to 1.733 million tons which became a record for the last eight years.

In 2016, Crimea harvested 1.447 million tons of grain, which is 104.7 thousand tons more than in 2015.

Earlier QHA reported that the drought destroyed more than 20 thousand hectares of crops in the Crimea.

The Head of the Kremlin-controlled Ministry of Agriculture Andrei Ryumshin said that annexed the peninsula is in the zone of risky farming, and this year the crops have suffered because of a lack of rain.