Pricing procedures since the beginning of 2017 were checked at more than one and a half thousand enterprises in sphere of trade in the Russian-occupied Crimea, according to the press service of the so-called "Ministry for Industrial Policy of the Crimea".

Allegedly, several trade objects were inspected over the appeals of citizens.

“According to the data received from the municipalities of the Republic, since the beginning of this year, the working groups for monitoring the pricing regulations for food products have carried out 1,660 observations (including 650 in March of the current year) in the order of pricing for foodstuffs, including 9 trade objects surveyed on citizens' appeals," the Kremlin-appointed Deputy Minister of industrial policy Yan Latyshev stated.

The Crimean "official" noted that explanatory work on the "prevention of unjustified price increases" is conducted regularly with enterprises.

Earlier, QHA reported that over the period of the annexation of Crimea, prices for food in the Russian-occupied peninsula have doubled.

So, in late 2016, the popular edition of Feodosia presented a new survey of prices recorded in the city's outlets. When comparing prices with the pre-occupation level, it was revealed that the rise in price was on average 100%.