During the nine months of 2018, Russian banks provided loans to residents of the annexed Crimea in the amount of 24.3 billion rubles in total, the press service of the Crimean branch of the Southern General Directorate of the Bank of Russia reported.

Thus, consumer lending amounted to 32% of the total loans provided in Crimea which is 74.9 billion rubles.

That means that this year Crimean residents took twice as many loans as compared to last year.
The loan debt of Crimeans has increased by 74% and reached 25.6 billion rubles.

The bank stressed that the Crimeans began to take loans more actively because of lower interest rates on consumer lending.
QHA reported that the arrears of Crimean enterprises in wages reached 31.5 million rubles. The biggest problems with payment of salaries were observed in Feodosia and Simferopol. Most of the debts are at the enterprises of "Minstroy", "Ministry of Transport", "Ministry of Housing and Communal Services" of Crimea.
Source: RIA Novosti Krym