The European Commission decided to allocate a 1.8 billion euros tranche of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine informed during his meeting with businessmen in Kyiv.

“A communiqué of the European Commission was just issued following the results of my negotiations during the Eastern Partnership Summit. I wish to emphasize that the discussions were very complex. Very complex. The President of the European Commission, the European Commissioners in the difficult budgetary situation which the European Union is  facing now, has adopted an important decision for Ukraine - the decision to grant Ukraine the fourth tranche of macro-financial assistance. It amounts, as I’ve said to 1.8 billion euros,” The Head of the State informed.

Earlier, the summit of the Eastern Partnership was held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Poroshenko informed on his Facebook page about the agreements reached with the European Union following the outcome of the event.

Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova will get "access to the unified energy and digital market of the European Union, to both the market and the customs union".