(QHA) -

The EU Council has decided to ban the import of goods from Crimea to the European Union.

In particular, the EU plans to ban the import of wine and other goods from Crimea in connection with sanctions against Russia.

A press release from the EU Council of Ministers on Monday stated that, "As of June 25, goods originating in Crimea and Sevastopol may no longer be imported into the European Union. In addition, it will be prohibited to provide financial and insurance services related to the import of such goods."

Meanwhile, head of the Crimean Parliament permanent commission for economic, fiscal, financial and investment policies Vitaly Nakhlupin believes the EU ban on importing goods from Crimea will have no tangible effect on the region's economy.

"I do not envisage any major crisis. I do not even know which economic sector might be affected by it. Most of our exports were to Russia; now this is no longer export but domestic operations," Nakhlupin said.

The statement came shortly before the signing of a free trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU scheduled to take place May 27 on the sidelines of the EU summit in Brussels.

Earlier a source in the European External Action Service said the EU will only allow Ukraine-certified goods from Crimea to its market, TASS reports.