Leaders of the European Union countries have decided to extend economic sanctions against Russia for another six months, according to the message of Radio Liberty correspondent in Brussels Rikard Jozwiak on his Twitter page.

“Eu leaders given green light to extend the EU’s economic sanctions on Russia by another 6 months. Official roll over next week,” he wrote.

It worth noting that the EU imposed economic sanctions against the Russian Federation on July 31, 2014 for the period of one year in response to Russia's actions, which destabilized the situation in Ukraine.

On March 19, 2015, the duration of sanctions was connected to the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements, which was to be fulfilled by December 31, 2015. Since it had failed, and given that the Minsk Agreements were still not fully implemented, the EU regularly extended the sanctions.

Earlier, the sanctions of the United States of America against the energy and banking sectors of the Russian economy entered into force, according to the reports by the US Treasury Department. The sanctions were imposed over Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

The Department of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department issued an updated instruction on the application of restrictions on strengthening sanctions against the energy and banking sectors.