State and private Chinese companies enter the occupied Crimean peninsula surreptitiously as investors, providing services to the occupiers and supplying industrial equipment, according to Valentina Samar’s article for DT.UA.

The expert states that the Security Service of Ukraine in Kherson region has not yet completed the investigation into the case of Chinese vessel JIAN JI 3001 involvement in building the invaders’ energy bridge to the Crimea through the Kerch Strait.

The author points that there are no suspects in this investigation, and the Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group, which owns the vessel, has not been included in the sanction list in Ukraine.

Allegedly, another Chinese company - the state-owned CNBM International, which in 2013 invested in the Active SOLAR projects of the Klyuev brothers - is currently a beneficiary of several helio companies in the Crimea, that received almost a billion Russian contract for electricity generation not long ago.

The third Chinese company, which name is kept secret, supplied the enterprise of the Crimean "Speaker" Konstantinov with equipment for the quarry and is already completing its installation.

Earlier, QHA reported, March 15, Malinovsky district court of Odesa considered an administrative protocol on violation of customs regulations by the captain of the vessel Sky Moon and found him guilty of transferring more than 3 thousand tons of technical soda beyond the Ukrainian customs control from the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The court ruled to confiscate the subject of smuggling worth almost 18 million 427 000 Hryvnia to the state revenue, as well as to confiscate the vessel, the Tanzanian Sky Moon, used to commit the offense.

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