October 6, Ukraine accepted the first ferry from Turkey arrived by the resumed route Zonguldak- Skadovsk due to the efforts of the team of Skadovsk sea port and its head Shcheglova Karina, according to the Skadovsk City Council’s website.

The ferry arrived in port without load to test the possibility of movement in the fairway and the port area. The vessel arrived with a team of route organizers on board.

The head of the District State Administration Viktor Turik and the First Deputy head of the Skadovsk City Administration Alexander Grishchenko welcomed the Turkish guests.

Based on the first ferry sailing, the experts mentioned the satisfactory technical capabilities of the ferry route.

The further plans presuppose several crossings a week. In the meantime, the works to provide more comfort and accessibility is ongoing.  

PHOTO: Skadovsk City Council