Crimea (QHA) -

A statement to this effect has been made by Sergei Yegorov, Fuel and Energy Minister of Crimea.

“We now have an investor and general contractor. I will not disclose the names of the companies, because it will take time for them to get the necessary permits to be able to work here officially,” said Yegorov.

The cost of the project is estimated at RUB 20 billion, with RUB 14.3 billion being the cost of a pipeline to be laid across the Kerch Strait and on to the Crimean peninsula via Simferopol to Sevastopol.

Once laid, the pipeline will make it possible to deliver up to 4 billion m3 of gas per year, with overall demand for gas in Crimea standing at 2 billion m3.

Crimea-based Shelf design institute has been chosen to do design work for the pipeline, and is expected to come up with a project by October or November 2015.