The Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office verifies the possible violation of sanctions by Hansa Heavy Lift and Heinz Corleis KG -

German companies - Hansa Heavy Lift and Heinz Corleis KG - delivered 35 thousand tons of titanium ore to the Russian port of Kavkaz, which was then delivered to the Crimea.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office is checking the possible violation of sanctions by the abovementioned companies. The ore was reloaded on the water aboard the Russian ship Nefterudovoz-2, which then went to the port in the Crimea located in the 20 km.

"Crimean Titan", an enterprise in the Crimea, produces titanium dioxide for the paint and varnish industry and other brunches. Titanium ore is also used in the defense industry, so it is not clear whether it falls under the EU sanctions against Russia. But, at the same time, its supply to the Crimea is clearly prohibited, journalists say. Heavy Lift and Heinz Corleis KG state they did not know that the ore would be delivered to the Russia-annexed peninsula, and its deliveries to the Russian Federation do not conflict with sanctions.

Andrei Klimenko, Head of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian NGO Maidan of Foreign Affairs, spoke about the fact that the ship with the ore was heading to the Crimea. According to him, Russia itself does not need such supplies, since it is extracted in sufficient quantities in the Urals. European firms should take into account that the port Kavkaz ("Caucasus") is used to bypass sanctions, Klimenko believes.

The Hamburg Prosecutor's Office confirmed that allegations of an offense have been filed against Hansa Heavy Lift and Heinz Corleis KG, and that these charges are being verified. Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry of Norway reported an investigation against the Norwegian company Titania kronos, which mined the ore that was later allegedly delivered to the Crimea. Norway, which is not part of the EU, earlier joined the sanctions imposed in connection with the annexation of the Crimea.

Earlier QHA reported that in the occupied Simferopol and Sevastopol two supermarkets of the German firm Metro and the Auchan hypermarket belonging to the French chain of stores are still working, as well as the delivery service DHL (Germany).

Two supermarkets subsidiaries in the Russian legal field, and from the point of view of corporate law "are not controlled either by the Ukrainian company Metro Cash & Carry, nor by the Russian company Metro Cash and Carry. " The same applies to the French supermarket chain "Auchan", which has its own supermarket in Simferopol.

Source: DW