The occupation authorities of the Crimea plan to auction several hotels in Feodosia, Yalta and Koreiz for a total cost of 113 million 616 thousand rubles, according to the so-called Deputy Director of the "Disposal Directorate of Property of the Republic of Crimea" Suleyman Emurlayev.

“The property of the hotel "Moryak", which was previously on the balance of the Crimean seaports, is estimated at 50 million 272 thousand rubles. Property located in Yalta, urban village Voskhod, the former anti-tuberculosis state property of the sanatorium "Sosnyak", the market value is 37 million 206 thousand, including VAT.  Also this project includes the property of the boarding house "Volga", located in the urban village Koreiz, with the initial price of 26 million 138 thousand rubles,” he said.

Emurlayev went on saying that all proceeds would go to the budget of the annexed peninsula.

In addition, the invaders plan to put up for sale a property of 270 square meters.

QHA reported that in the annexed Crimea, the occupiers are going to hold an auction for the sale of timber. In total, 273.6 cubic meters of Crimean wood will be taken from the hammer, including hornbeam, oak, dogwood, ash and a hallmark of the peninsula - cypress.

Source: Kriminform