Crimean state administration informs that real monetary incomes of inhabitants of the occupied Sevastopol have reduced by 11.5%.

The trend of reduction of incomes was also recorded in June 2018. Then cash income of Sevastopol residents amounted to 10 832.3 million rubles (159 million USD), having decreased by 8.9% in comparison with the previous period.

The average monetary incomes of the population per capita in June 2018 amounted to 24807 rubles (363.43 USD).

Meanwhile, in only one week, prices for all grades of gasoline in the occupied Crimea, as well as diesel fuel, have risen. Today, prices for gas stations in Simferopol are: gasoline of the brand AI-92 - 45,89-45,95 rubles per liter; AI-95, AI-95 premium - 47,59-49,90 rubles per liter; AI-98 - 54,79-55,50 rubles per liter; diesel fuel - 47.90-48.90 rubles per liter.