The State Duma, whose membership is recognized as illegitimate in Ukraine and in a number of other countries due to "elections" in the occupied Crimea, intends to legislatively allow Crimeans not to pay debts of up to 5 million rubles (2 million 156 thousand UAH) to Ukrainian banks, news agency RIA Novosti reported.

The corresponding bill was supported by the State Duma committee on the financial market for the second reading.

The bill establishes the possibility of debt workout directly through its appeal to the Deposit Protection Fund established by the Deposit Insurance Agency, as well as debt workout mechanism. The Fund will post a list of persons who have the right to demand the debt retirement on its website, reads the explanatory note to the bill.

State Duma deputies are expected to consider the bill in the second reading on July 14.

Earlier, the "Head" of the Crimea, Sergey Aksenov announced that all Crimeans' debts to 5 million rubles would be cancelled.

PHOTO: Internet