The enterprise "Crimean Soda Plant" operates at 25% capacity due to the gas shortage and formidable problems with delivery of cargoes by rail, Director General of PJSC "Crimean Soda Plant" Vladislav Shmelkov said at a session of the so-called Crimean State Council. He noted that raw materials stocks are left for one day.

“Since the end of November, the number of wagons from suppliers to Crimea was limited under the ruling of the Russian Railways, and later completely stopped. This led to the current situation in the company I run, when raw material is left for one day. The plant operates at 25% capacity. We switched to fuel oil, but it is over, because the restriction [of gas consumption -. Ed.] began on December 14, and the cars that we had paid for, have not yet arrived because of the ruling [by the Russian Railways - Ed.].,” he informed.

Shmelnikov stated that the idle time of the railway transport has led to delays in supplying of the products to customers, which in financial terms is equivalent to the shortfall of 150 million rubles.

At the meeting, the "Chairman of the Crimea State Council" Vladimir Konstantinov noted that Bakhchisaray Cement Plant was experiencing great difficulties as well.

“Bakhchisaray Cement Plant is on the verge of shutdown. The gas pressure drops occurred due to the weather and there is no way to fully supply the company with gas. The coal, they had purchased, is stuck and can not be transported, so the company has limited production of cement,” Konstantinov said.

According to him, the problem of goods delivery by rail is connected with the limited capacity of the Kerch ferry.

Previously QHA reported that «Group DF» belonging to oligarch Dmitry Firtash, as well as some countries of the European Union and individual companies maintain trade relations with the Crimea, in spite of the official ban and imposed sanctions. According to experts, Firtash plants provide 50% of foreign exchange earnings in the occupied Crimea.

Photo: Internet