Two Moldovan winemaking companies continue to work in the occupied Crimea despite international prohibitions and sanctions, Vladimir Thorik, RISE Moldova journalist informed.

The first company "Moldavian Standard" continued to export products to the Russian city of Krasnodar from 2014 until the end of 2016. From Russia its products, namely container for bottles, labels and boxes for wine products, were further transported to the Crimea.

“Moldavian Standart” owns almost 100% of the "Magliv" factory in Alushta. They have exported a variety of packaging products from the factory. In this case the amount was more than 1 million euros for almost three years,” the journalist noted.

“Berhord”, the other company imported various industrial equipment to the Crimea.

Both representatives of the "Moldovan Standard", and representatives of “Berhord” deny any connection with the Crimea.

The journalist noted that the "Moldovan standard" entered the top-5 of the largest exporters of Moldovan wine in the United States after the abolition of the Jackson-Vanik amendment by US, that is, after the introduction of preferential trade with Moldova.

"Perhaps the Americans will not be delighted when they learn that the company that has used the preferential treatment regime is trading with the occupied territory," the journalist stated.

Earlier, QHA reported that the occupants intended to sell the "nationalized" wine factory of "Novyi Svit" in the annexed Crimea.