Nicaragua is interested in exporting Crimean grain. According to Juan Ernesto Vasquez Araya, Ambassador of Nicaragua to Russia, his country annually exports 100 thousand tons of grain from Russia.

“We cover all our grain needs by annually purchasing 100 thousand tons of grain from Russia. In 2012-2013, we purchased an identical amount of grain as relief aid. We were told that Crimea is also a major grain producer and we would of course be interested in having our friends in Crimea be part of the project,” said the Ambassador at a Simferopol-held press conference.

According to Juan Ernesto Vasquez Araya, they were initially opposed to purchasing grain from Russia but later changed their minds because of the excellent quality of the grain.

“We proposed that the Russian Government start selling flour in the entire Central American market. We requested that a credit line be opened for purchasing the Russian-made equipment, so we could process flour in Nicaragua. Since that will be Nicaraguan-produced flour, we will be able to sell it in countries of Central America, which total population stands at 40 million. And that in turn means that we will not be buying 100 thousand but 500 thousand tons of grain from Russia on an annual basis,” said Juan Ernesto Vasquez Araya.

The Ambassador went on to say that Russia should view Nicaragua as a platform for selling its products in the Latin American market.

It was reported earlier that Nicaragua intends to export to Crimea coffee, beef, peanuts, bananas, sea products, cigars and alcoholic beverages.