Occupying "power" of Sevastopol intend to sell the city’s state property of 1 billion rubles to fit the revenue part of the budget, the so-called "acting Governor of the city" Dmitry Ovsyannikov informed the local press.

He also stated his intention to collect the current year’s tax and non-tax revenues by 18% more than in the past year, without explaining the mechanism of revenues increasing.

“We have the conclusion of the RF Ministry of Finance specifying that the parameters of the consolidated budget of Sevastopol in 2017 correspond to the calculated provisions. Let me remind you that the amount of funds in the budget of Sevastopol will comprise 30.5 billion rubles, including tax and non-tax revenues of 12.2 billion rubles. They are planned with growth to the level reached in 2016 by 18.3%,” the "official" said.

Previously, the self-proclaimed authorities stated they were able to collect 41 billion rubles of taxes from the population of the occupied peninsula, though the local "officials" spent about 131 billion. Thus, the Russian-occupied Crimea strengthened the status of endowment "region of the Russian Federation" ensuring only one-third of their needs over the year.

Photo: Internet