The so-called State Water Committee of the Russia-occupied Crimea is developing a project for the delivery of industrial water through the North-Crimean Canal to industrial enterprises in the north of the peninsula, the so-called chairman of the State Committee for Water management Igor Vayl said, as cited by local media.

“We proposed to our "Council of Ministers" and the "head" of the Crimea our vision of providing the north of the Crimea with technical water for enterprises using the system of the North-Crimean Canal after it is launched in the east direction. Then the resources of the Belogorsky and Taigan reservoirs, which are sufficient to ensure the enterprises, will be released," the collaborator said.

He noted that the St. Petersburg Institute has been working on developments. The price of the issue is about 4-4.5 billion rubles. To implement the idea, the invaders intend to build two dams, a pumping station, a 33-kilometer water pipeline, and completely remake the pipeline at pump station No.1.

Earlier QHA reported that the water does not meet the standards in the Crimea. According to sanitary and chemical indicators, 7.1% of drinking water samples on the peninsula do not meet the norms of (the average for the Russian Federation in 2016 is 13.9%).
Also, the problems of cutting down water supply in the cities of the Crimea have been repeatedly reported.

Source: News of Crimea