The occupiers opened the movement along the overpass to the Kerch Bridge in the occupied Crimea at the intersection of the approach to the bridge and the Heroes of Stalingrad highway in Kerch.

The overpass has a sidewalk for pedestrians with a width of 2.25 meters, as well as public transport stops. The total length of the bridge across the Kerch Strait is 19 kilometers.

Reportedly, on the Kerch Bridge, which was scheduled to open by May 9, construction workers began to concretize the pillars of railways of the structure located at the sea only on May 2.

The invaders intend to open the Kerch Bridge on May 15 or 16 with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Previously it was reported that the occupiers intended to guard the construction of the Kerch Bridge with the help of the fighter divers of the Russian Guard.

Source: RIA Novosti