In the first quarter of 2018, the invaders collected 20.7 billion rubles of taxes and fees in the budget of the occupied Crimea, according to the statement of the press service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

Taxes amounted to 13.6 billion rubles, insurance premiums - 7.1 billion rubles. Compared to the same period last year, tax revenues from personal income tax increased by 18%, land tax by 5%, transport tax by 56.3%, and taxes on total income by 29%.

“From 13.6 billion rubles of taxes almost 8.4 billion rubles, administered by tax authorities were directed In the consolidated budget of Crimea. This is also 0.6 billion rubles, or 7.8%, more than in 2017. The remaining amount is credited to the federal budget revenue (5.2 billion rubles.),” reads the information.

Earlier the Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law specifying the peculiarities of taxing individuals' property in the Crimea.

The law introduces an amendment to the Tax Code, according to which the norm for calculating the tax on the basis of data on rightholders, which are submitted in accordance with the established procedure to the tax authorities before March 1, 2013, does not apply to real estate objects located in the Crimea.