The Frunze Poultry Plant in the Saki district of Russia-occupied Crimea is on the verge of being shut down, according to the information on Crimean Tatars page on Facebook.

About 300 people can be left unemployed.

The poultry factory worker Aleksandr Bozhko noted that the plant’s employees had not been paid for two months.

“Payments are meager - salaries of 14 thousand rubles.”

According to the workers, earlier the poultry farm was one of the first in breeding chickens. The decline began four years ago.

“The downturn began as soon as we entered Russia. Until 2014 - we had no problems. Our production went across all Ukraine,” the worker Victor Konnov emphasized.

Workers of the plant also stated that after the annexation of the Crimea, "everything goes to the deliberate destruction" of the enterprise.

“Now, it turns out, the farm is not needed. The workers - 300 people - are to remain on the street. Neither poultry, nor a farm, nor cows — nothing is needed,” said a farm worker Ekaterina Bondarenko.

The enterprise faced a shortage of feed, in connection with which part of the farm was sold off. The production of eggs, at the moment, is about 2% of the 60 thousand chickens.

“During a whole week, chickens did not eat anything at all. Today, there were 0 eggs on my poultry house, and I have a population of 14.5 thousand. Our productivity used to be 96-97%. This is some kind of sabotage. Probably, they are trying to make bankrupt the plant, which has already become a state farm,” Victor Konnov added.

Stocks of feed for poultry will be enough only until February 2019.

Earlier, the largest dairy enterprise of the occupied peninsula, Krymmoloko PJSC, was closed in Simferopol. Employees were warned that they could either quit or go to work for a while without any prospects. About 300 people worked at the plant. At the same time, the management of the company stated that its closure is associated with unprofitability. Before closing, the plant refused to buy milk from Crimean farmers and switched to raw materials from Krasnodar.

Prior to this, the factories of the Krymmoloko enterprise were closed in Yevpatoria, Razdolne, Bilohiorsk and Kerch.