With a shortage of power in the Crimea, the occupation authorities will de-energize the population and industry, but not the military facilities of the occupation forces. The president of the Center for Globalistics "Strategy XXI" Mikhail Gonchar expressed this opinion in the article "Who is stealing electricity from Crimeans?"

“They [the occupation troops - Ed.] will create rolling blackouts for the population, industrial enterprises, but not for the military. After all, we see that the infrastructure that is being built in the Crimea is meant not only for the needs of the defense of the Crimea. It is built with a view to enable Russia operate in the Mediterranean Sea from the Crimea. In this context, it is necessary to boost the capacities which is associated with the transportation of military cargo through the port of Sevastopol or Kerch to be sent to Syria, Libya and Egypt," Gonchar said.

According to him, it is impossible to accurately estimate how much electricity the Russian contingent consumes, because such information is a state secret. Nevertheless, the conclusions can be made in view of the increase in its number.

QHA reported that over for 4 years of occupation the troop strengths of Russia in the Crimea has increased from 15 to 60 thousand people. In the coming years it is expected to increase it up to 100-120 thousand. If compared with the pre-occupation period, the number of tanks and armored combat vehicles increased 6.6 times, artillery systems - almost 4-fold, combat aircraft and helicopters - 2.2 times, submarines - 2.5 times. Not to mention the deployment of nuclear weapons in the Crimea [still not officially confirmed - ed.], the maintenance of which requires colossal energy consumption.