Russia withdrew from the agreement with Ukraine on cooperation in the operating the trunk pipelines. The corresponding order (No.2144-r dated 12.10.2016) was posted on the Russian government website.

Pursuant to the Agreement, the order implies that the oil product pipelines Samara - West direction and Grozny-Armavir-Trudovaya, passing through the territory of Ukraine, operated by subsidiaries of JSC "Transnefteprodukt" (100% of the ordinary shares of JSC "AK Transnefteprodukt" contributed to the authorized capital of JSC "Transneft").

In February 2016, JSC Transneft sold sections passing through Ukraine to the Swiss company International Trading Partners AG. The transaction was approved by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia October 16, 2015 and the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine December 22, 2015.

In this regard, Russia's participation in the Agreement is inappropriate, according to the order.

RIA Novosti reports, that oil pipeline was the subject of litigation between "Transneft" and Kiev. In March 2015, the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine rejected the cassation of subsidiary of "Transneft" on the decision of the Court of Rivne on the nationalization of the Ukrainian section of the pipeline Samara-west direction.

Until recently, "Transneft" used this "pipe" to supply diesel fuel to Ukraine. In September, the application was 150 thousand tons.

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