The Ministry of Economy of Russia amended the law "On Adoption of the Republic of Crimea in the Russian Federation and the formation of new subjects within the Russian Federation", according to which the occupiers will abolish the preservation of the rights to real estate on the illegally annexed peninsula, which was acquired after January 1, 2008.

Adoption of corresponding amendments may lead to a new wave of de-privatization in the occupied Crimea.

The draft law of 2014 says that the documents issued by the Ukrainian authorities are valid "without confirmation from federal and regional state bodies." However, now the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation intends to abolish the property rights for the property that has been purchased since 2008.

Amendments to the bill are to be adopted in December 2018. If they come into force, until 2020 the "courts" will have to identify "violations of the Ukrainian authorities when issuing documents to owners after January 1, 2008".

Head of the analytical service of the law firm "Ifraleks" Olga Pleshanova noted that at the moment it is not known how the Russian court will determine whether the documents were issued in line with Ukrainian legislation.

"The draft law does not introduce anything new in comparison with what the Constitutional Court decided, and what the courts could do without the proposed amendments, and it does not answer the question of how the court can determine with accuracy whether the documents corresponded to Ukrainian legislation of the past period. With a retrospective study of Ukrainian laws, the Russian court will not be able to focus either on modern enforcement in Ukraine or on experts on current legislation,” she believes.

Earlier, QHA reported that the so-called Parliament of Crimea occupied by Russia agreed on the sale of sanatoriums in Yalta, hotels in Feodosia, as well as a number of facilities in Simferopol and the Black Sea region. The total amount of property put up for sale is estimated at 113 million rubles (about 1.88 million USD).

Source: Kommersant