The Arbitration Court of Moscow has rejected a lawsuit from German concern Siemens on the return of the turbines that were transported to Crimea.

Thus, the claim of Siemens against the Russian partner company of Technopromexport was rejected.

The court also denied Technopromexport a counterclaim on invalidating the contract with Siemens, which prohibited the supply of turbines to the Crimea, bypassing the EU sanctions.

The plaintiff in his claim states that the fact of the violation of the contract with Siemens by Technopromexport has not yet been established in court, since the Moscow Arbitration Court has not yet delivered its verdict, and the hearings are ongoing.

Reference: A scandal erupted in early July around the supply of gas turbines by Siemens, the German concern, in the occupied Crimea bypassing the sanctions of the European Union.

Siemens reported that two gas-turbine arrangements were delivered to the territory of the occupied Crimea without notifying the company. The Russian Federation denied the fact of such supplies, but later Tekhnopromexport (a subsidiary of the Russian corporation Rostekh), which bought gas turbines from Siemens with a joint venture of a German company and Power Machines, had confirmed the fact of their delivery to the Crimea after modernization.

Earlier, October 30, Moscow Arbitration Court of Appeal had refused to arrest Siemens gas turbines, located in the occupied Crimea.

Thus, the court upheld the decision of the first instance.