In 2016, the Russian-occupied Crimea exported goods for $ 47.65 million, which is 19 times less than in 2013, according to the Twitter "CRIMEAN Bandera" referring to the website of the State Statistic of Ukraine.

"In 2016 Crimea exported $ 47.65 million In 2013 $ 904.9 million DROP IN 19 TIMES!!!"

We note that the propaganda site "Events of the Crimea" reported that, according to official data, the volume of exports of goods from Crimea in 2016 was $ 47.65 million. In turn, the website of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine stated that in 2013 the volume of exports of goods From the Crimea was $ 904.9 million, that is, 19 times more.

Earlier, QHA reported that retail prices for fruits and vegetables in the occupied Crimea are several times higher than in the rest of Ukraine.

PHOTO: Internet