Food costs of the occupied Crimea inhabitants comprise 47% of total consumer spending according to the new estimates reported by Crimean statistics office of RF "Krymstat" based on a sample survey conducted in the third quarter of 2016.
According to calculations, consumer spending of Crimeans over the period is 79.4% of the income.
In the structure of food expenditures  the most expensive items were the costs for the purchase of meat and meat products (25.4%), milk and dairy products (17.7%), bread (13.8%).
The cost structure for the services costs the payment of housing and utility services amounted to 45.4%, household services - 15.3%, communication services - 11.2%.
Earlier QHA reported that due to the sanctions imposed on Russia for the almost three-year occupation of the Crimean  peninsula, the average consumer basket of Russians has risen in price by 35%. At the same time, the Kremlin-controlled Russian Statistics Office Rosstat continues to lie Russians, claiming that the rise in price was less than half, ie, 13%.
Photo: Internet