The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, at the request of the SBU imposed sanctions against 18 Russian companies.

Among them are: Loli Pak Export, Snack Group, Belgorod Refrigeration Combine, Trade House Donspetsstroy, Yuzhtrans, Mikas, Stroyservice, Volma-marketing, Group of Companies Penetron-Russia, Trading House Penetron-Russia, Penetron-export, Volma-VTR, Waterproofing Materials Plant Penetron, Trading House Aromadon, Trade House Starfud-Yug , MK-Metiz, Narodnyi Plastik and IP Miroshnikova Irina Vladimirovna.

According to the documents, temporary suspension of foreign economic activity on the territory of Ukraine for the list participants will come into force in 40 days that is on December 9, 2017.

Earlier, the US Treasury Department clarified the wording of the sectoral sanctions that were imposed on the Russian oil industry, adding new restrictions passed by the Congress in July.