The results of the research on the European residents’ welfare have been published by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse. The financiers for the bank compared the material well-being of adult citizens of every state in Europe, taken into consideration per capita income. The Swiss experts defined a prosperity formula that pluses financial and non-financial assets with a deduction of debt liabilities.

According to the research data, Ukraine appeared to be the poorest country in Europe since its figure is USD 1437 per adult resident. Slightly better results are in Belarus - USD 1551. Neighboring Moldova has beaten these two countries more than twofold - its figure is USD 3104. Credit Suisse has designated these countries as "poor".

Switzerland has been ranked the richest state with "stunning" results – USD 567 thousand per capita incomes. The other countries that have overcome the barrier of USD 300 thousand appeared to be Iceland, Norway, UK, Sweden, and even a tiny Luxembourg.