The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has stopped issuing "bilateral" permits for trucking from Turkey until September 30, according to the department’s press center.

August 26, the decision was taken by the Commission on the completion, issue, recording and analysis of the effectiveness of the permits for transit to the foreign territory.

August 31, the decision was approved under the order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure.

The Ministry will introduce such restrictions for both Ukrainian and Turkish cargo carriers. The reasons for such a decision has not been made public:

“The Commission adopted a decision on imposing additional temporary restrictions on the registration and authorization of the Turkish Republic "bilateral" type permits to Ukrainian carriers until September 30, 2016. The Commission adopted a decision on the appropriate measures for the Turkish carriers as well,” informs the press center.

The Ukrainian agency reported that after September 30, the Ukrainian Transport Security Service "Ukrtransbezopasnost" will issue "bilateral permits" again.

Photo: Internet