The arrears at the enterprises in Crimea reached 31.5 million rubles, according to the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea Alla Pashkunova.

“At the same time, debts were reduced at 5 enterprises (3 Municipal Enterprises and 1 State Unitary Enterprises) to the amount of 2968 thousand rubles, and the debt to the employees of the General Directorate of SUE RC "Yaltinskoye" (Simferopol district) was paid off in the amount of 250 thousand rubles,” the press service of the Crimean "government” quoted Pashkunova.

Most of the debts are recorded at the enterprises of "Minstroy" (16.6% of the total), "Ministry of Transport" (8.6%), "Ministry of Housing and Communal Services" of Crimea (8.1%), which account for one third of all wage arrears.

The largest debt was recorded in Feodosia (37%) and Simferopol (32%).

It should be noted that as of February 1, 2018 in Crimea, the salary debt amounted to 25 million rubles.

According to the reports of the Crimean "authorities", in 2017 the average salary exceeded 26 thousand rubles (about 396 USD).

"Authorities" report that compared to 2016, the growth was 6%. For example, in the sphere of education, the salaries allegedly exceed 23 thousand rubles (about 351 USD), and in the sphere of medicine - 28 thousand rubles (about 427 USD). However, residents of Simferopol noted that the junior medical personnel receive an average of 12 thousand rubles (about 183 USD), and doctors - about 20 thousand rubles (about 305 USD).

According to them, the salary grows only at the structures of the security forces.

Thus, the average salary of the FSB employee amounts to 120 thousand rubles (about 1830 USD), the military and "police" receive 70-80 thousand rubles (about 1067 - 1220 USD).