The World Bank is ready to support the Ukrainian government in carrying out the necessary reforms, as well as to consider the possibility of new targeted financial support programs for Ukraine. A corresponding statement was made by the World Bank Vice-President Kyle Peters during a meeting with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, according to the website of the Ukrainian government.

"We are ready to continue our cooperation aimed at supporting the reforms carried out by the Ukrainian government, and also to consider the possibility of establishing new targeted programs for financial support to Ukraine," Peters said.

Reportedly, the Vice-Presidents of the World Bank Kyle Peters and Cyril Muller praised "the progress achieved by the Ukrainian government over the past eight months in the matters of stabilizing the economy, resuming economic growth, raising the minimum wage."

In early 2017, the World Bank made a forecast concerning the economy of Ukraine. According to the international expert group, GDP growth for 2017 in Ukraine will be 2%.

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