The creation of a class studying the Crimean Tatar language in Novoaleksiivka is a long-overdue necessity, according to Gulnara Bekirova, Deputy Head of the Genicheskiy District Administration.

“Since 1988, we have been teaching Crimean Tatar language, and since 1991 in school number 1 in Novoaleksiivka it has been a separate subject. But over the past years, of course, we wanted to create a national Crimean Tatar class. According to the statistics, this year 81 first-graders go to school. Of them, 46 children are Crimean Tatars.”

Bekirova noted the number of parents who want their children to learn the Crimean Tatar language is increasing:

“Of 27 schools in the district, only 6 remained Russian-speaking, and this year they switch to Ukrainian-language education. Both Ukrainian classes and a class with the study of the Crimean Tatar language are being opened. This class includes 12 children whose parents applied and want their children to learn Crimean Tatar, starting with "Hello", conversational elements and much more, of course, combining it with the Ukrainian language.”

Unfortunately, an issue of providing with textbooks in the Crimean Tatar language is not yet resolved, but, according to Gulnara Bekirova, on September 1 the first graders will have everything they need for studying.

“Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Members of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people did everything necessary for the first-graders - beginning with Refat Chubarov, and ending with every member of the Mejlis who helped in the establishing. Crimean Tatars who live in Ankara provided their assistance as well.”

Previously it was reported that the occupation authorities in the Crimea intend to destroy about a thousand textbooks for children in the Crimean Tatar language, allegedly because of the Ukrainian symbolism they contain.

PHOTO: Internet