The Ukrainian Embassy in Kazakhstan sent a note of protest to the Kazakh Foreign Ministry due to describing Crimea as part of the Russian Federation in new textbooks issued in Kazakhstan, says a statement released on the Embassy’s website.

“According to the note, the distribution of this information contradicts the position of both the international community and the leadership of the Republic of Kazakhstan, that has repeatedly expressed its support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity,” says the statement published on the Embassy’s website.

Ukraine also appealed to the Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Education and Science to facilitate the immediate withdrawal of said textbooks from the schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the website statement, the representatives of the Embassy contacted the Mektep publishing house issuing these textbooks but they did not achieve the mutual understanding.

“Unfortunately, the part of Kazakhstan's society is deeply affected by Russian propaganda. Therefore, the Embassy supports the representatives of Kazakh intellectuals, who repeatedly claim that it is necessary to strengthen information security by restricting the Russian TV channels broadcasting,” says the statement.